Deals & Promotions

Weekly & Daily Deals

While Supplies Last. Not Eligible For Additional Discounts.

  • $15 Eighths Every Day!
  • $50 Half Ounces Every Day!
  • $99 Ounces Every Day!

Current Selection: Ringo’s Gift, Lioness #21, Lucy’s Lion, NYC Sour Diesel, Orange Velvet, Bubble Gum, Phantom, Purple Cheese Berry, Courage, Shiskaberry, Aliens Gift, Deep Roasted Chunk, Double Durban, Doc Shaman, Banner #3.

Also 1 gram nug pre-rolls for $5 Everyday! (Lioness #21, G.O.A.T, Critical Cheese.)

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    Cannasseur Sundays

    $8 gram of choice on Top Shelf (First gram only), $10 off grams of extract from Oregon Genetics (Extracted using flower from Growers Guild Farms), AND come in and tell us a funny pun to get 10% off your purchase!

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    Monday | Service Industry Day

    10% off everything for anyone that provides a service to our community, $15 off quarters of Tahoe OG flower, AND $7.50 off Medicine Farm Botanicals’ Dragon Balm.

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    Tuesday Specials

    $5 off Winberry Cartridges, $15 off quarters of Yerba Buena’s Banana Kush flower, AND $5 grams of extract from Willamette Valley Alchemy

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    Rub-It-In Wednesday

    $15 off quarters of Eugenius Gouda Cheese flower, 15% off all Empower Topicals, AND $10 Off all grams from Alpine Extracts.

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    Topical Thursday's

    $15 off quarters of Yerba Buena Samoas Flower, $5 off any Medicine Farms Botanical’s Topicals, AND $10 off grams of extract from Oregon Genetics (Extracted using flower from Growers Guild Farms)

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    Frank Friday

    $15 off quarters Frank’s Gift, All top shelf flower is $10 a gram, 20% off Glass, AND Make a $50 dollar purchase and get a free Sproutly bag!

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    Patient Appreciation Saturday

    15% discount for all Medical Patients! $5 off Lunchbox Alchemy Extracts, AND $15 off quarters of Yerba Buena AK-48